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The City of Toronto’s Preferred Water, Sewer & Flood Emergency Contractor

We are committed to being the best in the field of cleaning restoration within our industry. Our commitment to our customers is dry vs replace, we will try to save you money and still get the job done right. We are committed to comforting our customers in their time of distress. Disaster Recovery Force Inc. provides our customers with the latest drying techniques using the most up to date drying equipment.


Consumer Choice Award Winner for Seven Consecutive Years!

Customer Testimonials

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  • “When it came to make the necessary repairs, there was a push to use the services provided by the preferred vendor, Service Master. Up until this time, their presence was almost non-existent. Any communication with them was at our initiation. Having a very positive experience to date with Disaster Recovery Force Inc., we insisted that they be awarded the job to complete necessary repair work. We are very pleased with the services provided by Tristar and highly recommend them to anyone needing disaster recovery work. Clients of Aviva would be well serviced by Disaster Recovery Force Inc.”

    Sheila Bowron

  • “With fully equipped, and ready to go staff, the job was completed in unbelievable timing, and they did a thorough, clean cut job. They went above and beyond to service all our needs, to get our food court back to its original healthy state, and put us back in business. They kept us very well informed every step of the way.”

    Jay Rawal

  • “Disaster Recovery Force Inc. is a great company and their staff is wonderful, they went above and beyond to service all our needs and get our home back to its original state prior to the sewer backup in a very little time. We would recommend Disaster Recovery Force Inc. to anyone who experiences a disaster. Disaster Recovery Force Inc. knowledge, compassion, integrity and their willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done makes them an excellent choice; they are the best in the business.”

    Judy and Jerry Attard

  • “Your extensive knowledge and commitment to customer satisfaction is extraordinary. It was a pleasure to deal with a company with a policy to inform everyone concerned as to what needed to be done and why. You and your staff were courteous and patient when dealing with us and our tenants, the procedures used and the environment impact were explained in advance. We particularly appreciated your willingness to do whatever would be required to complete the job properly with a view to ensuring a wholesome environment is achieved as soon as possible.”

    Robert and Violet Byl

  • “Disaster Recovery Force Inc. came through for us with lower cost figures and gave us what we expected in cleaning our house. My wife and I will recommend Disaster Recovery Force Inc. to everyone out there that is looking for a restoration company in time of need.”

    Arun and Lynn Sud

  • “When I first became aware of the mould problem, I called several companies for estimates. With the exception of Disaster Recovery Force Inc., the other companies were shockingly unprofessional and ignorant about their own business. Without Disaster Recovery Force Inc. work, it would have been impossible to live in our family house (and we certainly could not have sold it.) From my perspective, if you are serious about getting a solution to your mould problem, Disaster Recovery Force Inc. is your top choice. They did such a thorough job, I can’t imagine choosing any other company to do this kind of work.”

    Karen Alison

  • “We are very happy with the workmanship and the customer service we had enjoyed with you and your company. Everything was completed to our satisfaction and even more…Thank you for helping us through our emergency flood, and your kindness during the cleanup.”

    John Restauri

  • “Disaster Recovery Force Inc. arrived in no time with a fully equipped crew, and worked around the clock in order to get the building cleaned, disinfected, and decontaminated. They completed this in record time. Based on their excellent workmanship, dedication and knowledge, we chose Disaster Recovery Force Inc. to complete the entire rebuild process on this job. Disaster Recovery Force Inc. staff worked late hours and weekends to complete the rebuilds quickly and thoroughly to get Wilf’s Pub back in business as quickly as possible.”

    Michael McMahon

  • “We are, and have been, pleased to partner with an organization that is passionate, thorough and efficient in their work and conduct while working. We have been nothing but pleased. Arch looks forward to continuing this relationship to aide our insured when they are most vulnerable”

    Chris Rain

  • Disaster Recovery Force Inc. was brought to Matheson by Morguard after the first response team made some errors. We had the opportunity to work with Don Thom and his team closely for a two month period beginning with the clean-up and through until the restoration/rebuild was completed. Don and the Disaster Recovery Force Inc. team are extremely knowledgeable, customer service oriented and dedicated to ensure minimal impact is felt by the customer. He met on a regular basis with myself and the Building Operations Team to ensure everyone was up-to-date on the progress and plan. Clean- up was thorough, safety precautions were always in place and work by the team was completed quickly. Paperwork and billing was clear and concise.

    Susan Wallace

  • “I want to thank you Jason, for your tremendous patience, expertise and execution of the recovery of my daughter’s condo. After witnessing the disaster of the condo, I have to admit, I had my concerns about the recovery work and renovation. I know from experience that working with construction help and renovating a whole condo unit can often be a nightmare, but you and your team were extremely efficient, truthful, reliable, helpful, and just plain nice. A pleasure to work with! The final results far outweighed our expectations. The condo is truly beautiful, workmanship impeccable, your honestly is appreciated, We will always be grateful. Good luck to you and your family, With much appreciation, Sarah and Hilda Bernstein “

    Sarah and Hilda Bernstein

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